Maine Green Party Convention

November 5, 2017

10:00am - 3:00pm

Belfast Free Library

106 High St, Belfast, ME

"Pot Luck Lunch"

"Join the Merriment"


Maine Local Municipal elections have been taking place since February 2017, and will run through November 2017... If you or someone that you know would like to run for office, please contact the Maine Green Party soon, so that we can offer our help to register you as a candidate in any upcoming municipal elections... After you are registered the Maine Greens will step into action to support your campaign...

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Now and for the Future

This video was filmed on May 20 from out takes at the 2017 Maine Green Party Convention in Augusta, Maine. Brian Leonard of Sky Productions was responsible for the filming and editing of this Maine Greens Commercial.

Thank you for watching.

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Patricia Jackson - Elected

Patricia Jackson wins a seat on the Select Board in the town of Mount Vernon, Maine... June 2017...

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Our Message

The Maine Green Party was formed in 1986 over concerns for the direction of nuclear power in our state, and environmental issues that still face challenges across our state today.

Over the years Mainers have seen our waters muddied from excessive chemical dumping, and invasive plant species and mega trawlers off the coastline.  We also stand by the fishermen's plight for sustainable fishing methods on our coast and in our rivers, lakes, and ponds.

The Maine Green Party has fought for land owner rights, and proper forestry practices over the decades. We stand with the logging industry in Maine and are also in support of the tourist/hospitality trade and of our farmers all over our fine state.

Maine is a bountiful state where our residents  have opportunities to camp, hike and explore our wilderness parks and recreational sites and trails. Mt Katadin affords Mainers a wonderful panorama at it's peak where our residents can spend hours enjoying the views.

Maine is a diverse state, with our rural communities and urban centers scattered across the state. Our laws should reflect on the issues that face both rural and urban concerns. Our elected candidates look out for the the peoples' rights and concerns on education, commerce, jobs,  health care, wages, taxes and much more.

The Maine Green Party stands united with the citizens of Maine.


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